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The existence of Basturma can be traced to the Byzantine Empire. This ancient delicacy has maintained its recipe for centuries, and for good reason. The dried, cured, and coated beef has a flavor that is indescribable. You need to taste it to truly understand why it is prized so much. The entire process from start to finish lasts 45-50 days, during which only the finest cuts of beef are trimmed, cured, dried, pressed and coated. The fenugreek in the coating gives basturma its distinct aroma and taste. You owe it to yourself to taste this at least once in your life. The care and attention that goes into each piece carries on to the taste. Taste the tradition, taste the history that is Eureka Basturma.

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Basturma is a delicacy rightly revered since its origins at the tables of the Byzantine Empire. Words truly do not quite do this dried, cured, and spice-coated beef’s incomparable aroma and flavor justice. However, a single taste is an experience no lifetime is truly complete without.

Every unmatched cut of superb beef undergoes a process that can last from 45 to 50 days. It begins with a regime of trimming, curing, drying, pressing, and coating perfected across centuries. One bite, and you’ll cherish every moment of each cut’s careful preparation.

The secret to the aromatic, boldly flavored coating is fenugreek, an ingredient whose leaves offer a sweet, nutty flavor as a dried, aged herb and whose seeds bring curry powder’s savory notes to the surface in Indian cuisine as a spice. Prized for centuries throughout the Indian subcontinent, it’s the foundation of the finishing coating that gives Basturma such and intoxicating, unforgettable taste that lingers on the tongue.

For us, there’s no way to honor this ancient delicacy than with the preparation and ingredients that have stood the test of hundreds of years. This is one of the recipes we’re proudest to have honed for three generations since our grandfather first sold his hand-prepared meats and sausages door-to-door from one town to the next in our family’s homeland of Armenia. This tradition and others have followed us from our home, through Greece, and at last to America with the freshest, finest all-natural meats, sugar, salt, and old-world spices always riding shotgun.

Basturma, to this day, is a meat decadently spicy enough to be well worth every moment of the nearly two months that go into preparing each cut. We at Eureka have not doubt whatsoever you’ll agree that it’s an unmistakable taste worth all that goes into it, for the love of meat.

Size: 1-1.25lb, sizes may vary
Ingredients: beef, salt, sugar, sodium nitrite, coated w/ water, fenugreek, paprika, garlic, cayenne pepper


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