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rostovskaya salami

Rostovskaya Salami

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All our salamis are prepared in the traditional Eastern European method. The distinguishing trait of the Eastern European method is the smoking. Our salamis are cured, cooked, and smoked with real wood. They differ in the spices used and the coarseness of the meat. The sweet, floral flavor of coriander coupled with a coarser grind of meat, really bring out a unique flavor for this salami.

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Rostovskaya Salami

After three generations of practicing the fine art of producing the most delicious hand-prepared meats and sausages on two continents, our family has a sentimental attachment to each and every recipe we’ve brought to our customers. However, traditional Eastern European salamis such as this satisfying Rostovskaya hold uniquely special places in our hearts.

It’s the fine details that always take us back to another time and place when our founder would journey from one town in our homeland of Armenia to the next selling his sausages door-to-door. It’s the aroma of premium pork and beef smoked cured, cooked, and smoked strictly with real wood – no exceptions. It’s the singular coarseness that differentiates Eastern European salamis from any other around the world and way that pleasant roughness complements coriander’s sweet floral flavor.

It’s a taste reminiscent of the home cooking of the southern federal subject of Russia that lends its name to this one-of-a-kind sweet salami.

That’s a Eureka specialty: meats that whisk all who taste them away to another place and time – a small slice of our heritage. A dedication to quality that grew in fame throughout Armenia, across Greece, and across the Mediterranean to finally reach the United States has passed from father to son to grandson with an ongoing commitment to our homeland’s oldest culinary traditions. We choose only the best beef and pork seasoned with our most time-honored blends of herbs, spices, and seasonings. We want you to savor your taste of the old country as our families have for a century, without unnatural preservatives, additives, and hormones to weigh down a single bite.

Personally, we love Rostovskaya Salami atop a rich, grainy bread with a hint of mustard and a slice or two of swiss cheese. Then again, a simple naked slice is enough to set our mouths watering. It’s the kind of quality we cherish, for the love of meat.

Size: 16oz
Ingredients: pork, beef, salt, sodium phosphate, sugar, spices, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite


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