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Hungarian Brand Bacon Rubbed w/ Red Pepper and Garlic

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There’s bacon but then there’s our bacon. Thicker than any bacon you’ve ever seen, the pork bellies are cured and smoked using our secret family recipe and methods. Passed down from generation to generation, our bacon is a league above the rest. With a red pepper coating, this bacon adds some heat and serious flavor.

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Serve Red Pepper Bacon at a Barbecue

When our customers at Eureka Sausage in North Hollywood, Calif., want to have tasty bacon for a barbecue, then we recommend a variety that is full of extra flavor. Hungarian brand bacon that is rubbed with garlic and red peppers will create a delicious topping for grilled hamburgers at a cookout. This variety of bacon is cut into thick slices to provide a hearty portion of meat at a meal, and we highly recommend grilling it over hot coals to bring out its rich garlic and red pepper flavoring. The pork bellies that we use to create this spicy bacon are cured and smoked using a traditional family recipe.

While some meat sellers add artificial flavors or dyes to red pepper bacon, we use natural ingredients instead. When our customers buy our bacon product that is rubbed with red peppers and garlic, it contains salt, sugar, garlic, red peppers and pork. It is easy to use this full-flavored bacon in an assortment of recipes, including:

• Pizza topping
• Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches
• Casseroles
• Salad topping
• Grilled hamburger topping
• Appetizer wraps
• Pasta dishes
• Clam chowder
• Quiche
• Soup
• Grits
• Frittatas
• Tacos

For anyone who loves to cook, it is easy to experiment with red pepper bacon.

Eureka Sausage Uses Secret Family Recipes for Its Meat Products

At Eureka Sausage, we source our meat from farmers and ranchers who don’t feed hormones to the cattle and pigs. Our bacon, sausage, and meat business began in Greece before our family immigrated to the United States. We still use secret family recipes that have been handed down for several generations to create high-quality sausage, bacon, salami and other meat products.

Size: 1 lb
Ingredients: pork belly, water, salt, sodium phosphate, sugar, garlic, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite


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