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pork polish sausage

Polish Sausage

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As authentic a polish sausage as you can find. All you have to do is briefly boil and serve hot. The spices create an aroma that is hard to resist. The snap with each bite reminds you of the tradition and history that goes into its creation. Our Polish Sausage is a must try.

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Pork Polish Sausage

Succulent, satisfying meats don’t come much more deliciously Eastern European than authentic Polish Sausage. This is a simple-but-wildly-popular taste of our homeland that might as well come directly from our own family’s table to yours.

Before you taste this sublime sausage’s signature “snap,” take a moment to let the spices warm your nose. That’s the smell of time-honored tradition and history cooked into every bite. Just a brief boil and our juicy, all-natural Polish Sausage is ready to serve.

It’s just one of the countless recipes for delicious hand-prepared meats gathered by Eureka’s founder in the early days when he was a celebrated door-to-door purveyor of delicious sausages who sold his good from one town to the next in our ancestral homeland of Armenia. It was as simple a treat back then in the old country as it is today at cookouts and tailgate parties across America.

Remember, even across Poland, every region has put its own spin on this irresistible, tasty pork product. To add some extra-unique panache to your Polish Sausage, eschew boiling in favor of grilling your meat evenly over medium heat with some perfect marks on each side. From there, we’re fans of serving our kielbasa up on a warm bun with yellow mustard and our various preferred choices of pickled jalapeno peppers, sauerkraut, and even some crispy fried onion.

There’s hardly a wrong way to enjoy this true-to-its-roots Polish Sausage. Using 100% natural meats, herbs, and spices guarantee pure unfettered flavor with no unnecessary preservatives, additives, or hormones in the way. You’ll bite into nothing less than the utmost quality we’ve proudly served our own families for three generations, techniques and recipes passed down from father to son to grandson. It’s the only way we know how to do what we love, and we do it for the love of meat.

Size: 16oz
Ingredients: pork, water, salt, spices, garlic, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite


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