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moskovaskay salami

Moskovskaya Salami

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All our salamis are prepared in the traditional Eastern European method. The distinguishing trait of the Eastern European method is the smoking. Our salamis are cured, cooked, and smoked with real wood. As you smell and taste Moskovskaya Salami, the notes of nutmeg and black pepper transport you to the Russian capital city on a snowy day.

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Moskovskaya Salami

Our Moskovskaya Salami is nothing short of a time machine disguised as a sausage. Before you laugh, hear us out.

This traditional Eastern European salami was always a favorite when our founder would sell hand-pressed sausages and superb meats door-to-door in our family’s native Armenia. In every town, he visited, one household after the next craved the notes of black pepper and nutmeg that made its scent and flavor so mouth-watering. As his secrets passed to his son and later his grandson, we continued to honor his dedication to curing, cooking and smoking the highest quality beef and pork around in the old-fashioned way of the old country.

That’s why, just as the name so evocatively suggests, a taste of Moskovskaya is like traveling in an instant back to Russia’s capital for a stroll on a snow-blanketed afternoon. It’s more than a uniquely European flavor. To us, it’s another place and time entirely.

That’s one experience that is always guaranteed when you sample Eureka meats: you’re savoring a slice of our heritage that we’re proud to share. Perhaps there’s no better way to explain why we refuse to drown the taste of our authentic blends of European spices and hormone-free beef and pork with unnatural preservatives and additives. We want you to fall in love with these tastes exactly as our families have for three generations.

Eureka has come a long way from beloved merchants visiting one Armenian town after another, through Greece, and unto our recent introduction to the United States. All these years later, we wouldn’t treat these cherished recipes from across Eastern Europe any way except with the care of the masters who perfected them. Why do we sweat details like all-natural ingredients, choice meats, and the old country’s most honored traditions of smoking, curing ,drying, and seasoning?

Why, for the love of meat. Why else?

Size: 14oz
Ingredients: pork, beef, salt, spices, sodium phosphate, sugar, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite


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