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moldavskaya salmi

Moldavskaya Salami

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All our salamis are prepared in the traditional Eastern European method. The distinguishing trait of the Eastern European method is the smoking. Our salamis are cured, cooked, and smoked with real wood. They differ in the spices used and the coarseness of the meat. The thinnest of the four salamis, Moldavskaya also has the most complex flavor. The combination of nutmeg, allspice and garlic really takes you on an aromatic journey.

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Moldavskaya Salami

Once you’ve sampled Moldavskaya Salami that has been genuinely prepared the traditional Eastern European way, there isn’t much going back to anything else. It’s a sausage recipe of ours that has been making mouths water for three generations. Just one bite, and you’ll savor everything that sets it apart from virtually any other salami from anywhere in the world.

We cure, cook, and smoke every salami using only real wood. That commitment to patient old-world smoking distinguishes it from nearly any meat you’ll ever taste – guaranteed. Moldavskaya, in particular, is both the thinnest of our four superb salamis and the most complexly flavorful. It’s a blend of high-quality beef and pork seasoned with an aromatic blend of allspice, garlic, and nutmeg that we’ve been honing since our founder sold his first meats door-to-door in our family’s homeland of Armenia. It lends a flavor that becomes unmistakable after experiencing it once and a singular coarseness that has made it a favorite around our family’s table from father to son to grandson.

When you bite into Eureka meats, you can taste the patience. You can smell the history. Most importantly, you can appreciate our commitment to bringing you only the finest all-natural ingredients – nothing less than the best we would feed our own families. Our products haven’t been acclaimed from Armenia to Greece and finally today in the United States by letting preservatives and other unnatural additives come between you and our most prized handcrafted traditions. Every taste comes from adhering as closely as possible to the oldest, most trusted ways of preparing and preserving the world’s most delicious meats.

We hope you’ll keep coming back for “just one more bite” of our products well into the fourth generation of handmade excellence. After all, everything Eureka does, we do for the love of meat.

Size: 12oz
Ingredients: pork, beef, salt, sodium phosphate, garlic, spices, sugar, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite


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