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Lyoner bologna

Lyoner Bologna

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This upscale version of bologna boasts a higher protein to fat ratio than traditional bologna. Named after the French city, the higher protein coupled with the lack of garlic make for a delicate and enjoyable flavor.

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Lyoner Bologna

Lyoner Bologna is a fine sausage with a tradition and legacy as honored as the French city that shares its name. Its uniqueness is as much a product of what it traditionally lacks by nature as any ingredient we could add to our family recipe.

Originating in Lyon, this bologna differs from other varieties with its lack of garlic and notably lean protein-to-fat ratio. Unlike other blends known for their especially rich and savory flavors, Lyoner Bologna’s mix of salt, spices, and superb pork delivers a more delicate but still immensely satisfying taste. It’s an upscale take on a classic sausage recipe that’s made for pleasantly light hors d’oeuvres that add delicious sophistication to any occasion.

Of course, like every all Eureka meats, we produce our Lyoner Bologna in the uncompromising classic style we’ve embraced for three generations: all-natural, handcrafted products that don’t bury taste beneath preservatives and additives. Our various recipes have been experimented with and perfected since our founder traveled door-to-door from one Armenian village to the next selling his individually pressed sausages. It’s one of the world’s oldest and most trusted methods of preserving foods for optimal flavorful freshness, and three generations’ worth of practice has only made us better at it every day.

Nothing has ever quite replaced the good, old ways of the good-old days. What made our family celebrated purveyors of top-quality meats and sausages has traveled well from Armenia, through Greece, and finally to America. All the while, one thing has never changed: our belief that nature’s own flavors are unmatched, and every bite proves it. Eureka will keep bringing you the finest, most delicious all-natural sausages the world has to offer, and we only need one reason to keep at it for another three generations: quite simply, for the love of meat.

Size: 14oz
Ingredients: pork, water, salt, sodium phosphate, spices, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite


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