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Hot Dog Small

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All the delicious flavor of our Hot Dogs, just smaller! Our mini hot dogs are great for a snack, cooking, tailgating, parties, etc. As with all of our sausages, they come fully cooked and just need a little heating prior to serving. Get creative with these hot dogs, they may be small but they have big flavor.

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Make a Tasty Appetizer With a Small Hot Dog

When a cook is trying to find small hot dogs to use in special recipes, contact Eureka Sausage in North Hollywood, California, for assistance. A few years ago, no one wanted a small hot dog, but today, chefs love to use this food in recipes to make appetizers. At our company, a small hot dog is made from the best cuts of pork to make a tasty meat product that is suitable for family dinners. Miniature hot dogs are perfect for making tiny sandwiches with small slices of bread or for using in everyday recipes such as beans and weenies.

A Small Hot Dog Is Versatile In Recipes

There are several fun ways to serve a small hot dog, including:

  • Rolling the hot dog in biscuit dough before baking it
  • Heating the hot dogs in a slow cooker with sauce
  • Placing a small hot dog on a stick with vegetables for grilling
  • Adding the small hot dogs to macaroni and cheese
  • Wrapping a small hot dog in a slice of cooked bacon
  • Rolling pretzel dough around the hot dog before adding mustard
  • Making deep-fried corn dogs with small hot dogs

Eureka Sausage Sells Healthy Small Hot Dogs

If a chef wants to avoid cutting larger hot dogs into smaller sections, then a package of small hot dogs is the perfect choice for creating a favorite recipe. Each small hot dog is fully cooked, and it is safe to heat the item for only a few minutes before it is eaten. While some meat sellers add artificial flavors or dyes to small hot dogs, we offer meat products that do not contain chemicals or hormones. Our customers can feel good about serving our small hot dog products to anyone in a family.

Size: 16oz
Ingredients: pork, water, salt, spices, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite


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