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giumry salami

Giumry Salami

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All our salamis are prepared in the traditional Eastern European method. The distinguishing trait of the Eastern European method is the smoking. Our salamis are cured, cooked, and smoked with real wood. They differ in the spices used and the coarseness of the meat. Giumry is all about the garlic! There is no denying the flavor of this salami. Best served cold.

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Buy Delicious Salami at Eureka Sausage

When chefs are looking for Giumry Salami, it is available at Eureka Sausage in North Hollywood, California. This variety of salami is flavored with garlic, and it contains the highest quality pork and beef cuts. This is a coarser type of salami that is prepared in the traditional European method by curing, cooking and smoking it over real wood rather than adding artificial flavorings. While many brands of salami are colored with artificial food dyes or injected with chemicals, we believe in selling wholesome and natural meat products.

How to Use Salami In Recipes

Salami is an air-dried and fermented meat that contains spices, herbs or vinegar to give it flavor. Most individuals are accustomed to consuming cold salami on slices of bread or on buns. It is often combined with other cold meats to create a tasty hoagie sandwich with mayonnaise, tomato slices, and lettuce. Other salami recipes ideas include:

  • Appetizers that include salami, marinara sauce, and melted cheese
  • Pasta dishes that contain spaghetti sauce, cheese and vegetables
  • As an ingredient on homemade pizza
  • In frittatas that contain eggs, cheese and chopped vegetables
  • Inside calzones that contain mozzarella cheese
  • As a garnish on leafy green salads or cooked vegetables
  • Combined with baked meats such as chicken
  • Diced and added to scrambled eggs or an omelet
  • Added to potato soup

How to Store Salami

When salami is wrapped in plastic or foil, it will remain fresh for several weeks in a refrigerator. A vacuum-sealed package of salami will remain tasty for up to six months in a refrigerator, making it an excellent food to have for the winter months. It is also possible to freeze salami for as long as three months.

Size: 14oz
Ingredients: pork, beef, salt, garlic, sodium phosphate, sugar, spices, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite


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