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Dried Beef Soujuk

Dried Beef Soujuk

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Taste our Soujuk once and we guarantee you will never forget it. First comes the aroma, which hits you with wave after wave of garlic and cumin. The flavor is intense but highly enjoyable and each bite is never the last one as you keep coming back for more. This sausage is a dry cured sausage that undergoes an intensive curing and drying process that gives Soujuk its signature acidity. This sausage recipe hails from ancient times and is a staple in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern parts of the world.

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Dried Beef Soujuk

After three generations dedicated to providing Eureka customer’s with all-natural quality meats and sausages from the world’s most delectable recipes, we’ve taken something to heart: quality is a product of patience, attention to detail, and superb ingredients.

It’s a lesson we guarantee will melt in your mouth with every bite of our Dried Beef Soujuk.

Well, scratch that. The irresistible aroma of cumin and garlic will make our point in waves just before the savory flavor washes over your tongue. Once your taste buds do become acquainted with this exquisite dry-cured sausage’s intense taste, you won’t dare resist that next bite. It’s all a testament to our dedication toward intensive drying and curing that evokes Soujuk’s internationally prized enjoyable acidity, a signature of this sausage since its introduction centuries ago in the ancient Mediterranean and the Middle East.

It’s the kind of appreciation for history that keeps our most loyal customers coming back again and again, like old friends. Our founder never stopped seeking to perfect the world’s favorite meat and sausage preparations, even when he would peddle his products door-to-door from one Armenian town to the next. When he passed his traditions and trade secrets down to his son, Eureka’s commitment to adhering to beloved techniques, herbs, and spices lived on as love for our hand-prepared products spread from Armenia through Greece.

Today, with our recipes and processes passed down from father to son to grandson as we introduce ourselves to the United States, we remain committed to all-natural meat products that stand proudly and deliciously without additives or preservatives to stand between you and our time-honored flavors. It isn’t just something we obsess over for the good of three generations of family tradition. We obsess over perfecting the Eureka way for one reason: all for the love of meat.

Size: 8oz
Ingredients: beef, salt, cumin, garlic, all spice, dextrose, sugar, sodium erythorbate, lactic acid, sodium nitrite

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  1. 4 out of 5


    Is there any pork products in this soulful?

    • :

      No. It is only made up of beef

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