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dried beef soujuk large

Dried Beef Soujuk Large

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Taste our Soujuk once and we guarantee you will never forget it. First comes the aroma, which hits you with wave after wave of garlic and cumin. The flavor is intense but highly enjoyable and each bite is never the last one as you keep coming back for more. This sausage is a dry cured sausage that undergoes an intensive curing and drying process that gives Soujuk its signature acidity. This sausage recipe hails from ancient times and is a staple in the mediteranean and Middle Eastern parts of the world.

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Large Dried Beef Soujuk

A single bite of Eureka’s celebrated Dried Beef Soujuk is a little taste of a meat lover’s paradise – and we’re hard-pressed to argue otherwise if we do say so ourselves. Don’t wait until the last morsel is gone to accept that one can never have too much of this delectable centuries-old staple on hand.

Start with its unforgettable scent. Let the aromatic waves of cumin and garlic wash over you and tempt you with a taste. It’s an enjoyably intense, flavorful experience as the beef melts on your tongue. One nibble leads to another bite and another until you’ll be thankful you opted to order our 14 oz. quantity, a value we offer knowing that this sausage is simply too divine to leave well enough alone at a single sampling.

Here’s our secret, and at it’s heart, the secret to every exceptional-quality Eureka product: there really is no secret. As with all the oldest recipes our family has spent three generations perfecting since our founder sold his handcrafted meats and sausages door-to-door from one town to another in our family’s homeland of Armenia, we have a soft spot for tradition. As closely as possible, this dry-cured sausage has been prepared with the same patient, intensive drying and curing processes that have brought out its telltale acidity since it first appeared in the ancient Mediterranean and the Middle East hundreds of years ago.

That’s where Eureka’s legacy of premium sausages and meats began: respect for the world’s oldest recipes and preparations and a commitment to bringing the very best out of them every day. It’s our promise to you that we will never let preservatives and other additives come between you and the classic flavors of all-natural ingredients aged, dried, cured, and seasoned by hand. Three generations later, we still do everything we do for the love of meat.

Size: 14oz
Ingredients: beef, salt, cumin, garlic, all spice, dextrose, sugar, sodium erythorbate, lactic acid, sodium nitrite


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